Troikapedia - Troika 1963 - 1983

Troika 63 - 83 is the new book
about the hidden history of Troika.

Troika 63 - 83 is the culmination of two and a half years research by Ben Harris and Lawrence Illsley. It intends to tell the full story of the development and the relationships of the people who worked there, from its inception in 1963 right up until the sad and rapid decline in the early 80's.

“Well done for the recent exhibition at Penlee House and also the publication. It was great to see such a wonderful survey of the Troika work and the book was excellent; interwoven with the interviews and quotes it linked up the story perfectly.”Malcolm Hill – critic and exhibition reviewer

An exhibition held at the Penlee House Gallery celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of Troika's opening in 1963. It was the first solo exhibition in twenty years of the work of the group of artists known as Troika. Pieces on display included examples rarely seen together and in such quantity.

Troikapedia - Troika 1963 - 1983
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