Troikapedia - Troika 1963 - 1983

Troika 63 - 83 is the new book
about the hidden history of Troika.

"So different from all of the other books that have written about Troika, it has been written with sensitivity, I am sure it will be extremely successful"Honor Curtis 1967-1974

An exhibition was held at the Penlee House Gallery between 19 January - 9 March 2013 to support the launch of the book and celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Troika's opening in 1963.

It was the first solo exhibition in twenty years of the work of the group of artists known as Troika. Pieces on display included examples rarely seen together and in such quantity.

Allowing visitors to experience Troika as sculpture rather than functional objects, and value these pieces as art rather than how much they are worth at auction. Reflecting ideas that are developed further in the extensive research by Ben Harris and Lawrence Illsley which forms the basis of their book Troika 63-83.

What they said...

"Good to see such a varied Troika exhibition" JE | Redruth

"Wonderful insight into this very interesting group" FB | Ramsgate

"Comprehensive display of Troika, much enjoyed thank you" JT | Denby

"An education, something I hadn't seen before" AB | Rochdale

"Very interesting, perhaps we should not have kept pens in a Troika pot!" RH | Manchester

Troikapedia - Troika 1963 - 1983
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